Why is Smoking Bad

Smoking is injurious to health as it contains more than 4000 chemicals which can cause dangerous and life threatening diseases. 30 percent of men and 19 percent of women around the world smoke. Now days children have also started smoking which affect their life in one way or the other. Smoking can lead to serious diseases like cancer, diseases related to heart and many others. The people who smoke are not the only one who gets affected due to the toxins present in tobacco but it also affects the other people who are sitting around. When a person smokes, the air sacks that help lungs to take oxygen throughout the body are affected and gradually it can damage the lungs. Cigarette also contains nicotine which is a slow poison damages mouth, throat and lungs. It also causes heart diseases which increases the danger of heart attack.

The women who are pregnant should not smoke as they will not only harm themselves but it will also have a bad effect on the baby. They may also have to face miscarriage, premature birth. Smoking leads to 11 types of cancer which includes mouth cancer, lung cancer, pancreas cancer, bladder cancer etc. It can also result in various respiratory problems like asthma and breathlessness. Smoking also causes your mouth to stink. It will result in yellowing of your teeth and nails. Other effects of smoking are cataracts, reduced fertility and stomach ulcers. Everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health but no one wants to quit smoking in spite of knowing all its ill effects as once you start it, it is difficult to quit smoking.

The people become used to the nicotine found in cigarettes which makes a person feel good. There are plenty of good reasons to quit smoking. The people who smoke are ten times more likely to die than a normal person who does not smoke. Most of the people die in their middle age due to smoking. Smoking is no doubt addictive but if a person is determined that he/she wants to quit smoking then with the help of medical aid, he/she can quit it and can lead enjoyable life. It is never too late to quit. Remind yourself the ill effect of smoking again and again and it will motivate you to quit it. Try to divert your mind to something else whenever you feel like smoking. Gradually you will surely succeed but don’t forget to take medical aid.

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