Why is the Music Group Pearl Jam Named Pearl Jam

Pearl jam is a music rock band originated in America in Seattle, Washington somewhere in 1990. It was formed after the demise of the band, Mother Love Bone which belonged to Jeff Ament and Gossard. However the band was then restarted with new members in the name of Pearl jam which included lead vocals and guitar by Eddie Vedder, bass guitar by Jeff Ament, Rhythm guitar by Stone Gossard and another lead guitar by Mike McCready.

The band released their debut album, “Ten” in 1990 which happened to be a great success. The musical style of this album was greatly influenced by classic rock with a harmonic vocabulary. With repeated sensational albums, the troop gained the status of rock and roll superstars. The journey after that has been successful after that and the band has celebrated their anniversary of two- decade.

Music bands generally call them themselves in unusual names without giving a clue about its origin or intention. This gives lot of room for speculation as to the reason behind their band name. Pearl jam was no exception on this. Why has the troop been named “Pearl jam”?

 Now let’s look into the interesting rumors behind the name of the troop “Pearl Jam”.

  • Some sources propose that the members of the troop were diehard fans of the basketball player Mookie Blaylock and also conducted few of their shows in his name. However Mookie was against the idea of his name being used by a grunge band and hence objected to the same. Thus the members went ahead in using his nick name Pearl jam. Further to this their concerts and recordings became very popular in the name of Pearl jam.
  • Another prevalent rumor was that the members at the time of their interviews have explained the crux behind the name stating that the band name was referred to the pearl itself. Just the way a pearl comes from waste in its natural process, by taking excrement and making it beautiful. Their approach to music was related to the way pearl is formed.
  • One another interesting rumor is that Eddie Vedder the lead vocalist of the troop had a great grandmother who used to prepare a jam made of hallucinogenic products that were loved by the kids. Apparently her name was Pearl and hence Eddie wanted to dedicate his band on her name and hence named Pearl Jam.

Finally with this troop name “Pearl jam”, this American rock band has seen various heights of success and glory and is still on the journey to achieve more and more. Wishing all good luck to Pearl Jam!!!!