Why Should I Donate Blood

A human being can’t live without blood. In fact, a mature human being couldn’t live without having 5.5 liter of blood in his or her body. If a person is losing blood for some reason or other, then the lost quantity of blood is immediately regenerated by the body of the person. However, if a person lose a significant amount of blood due to any disease or accident, then the blood has to be supplied from any external source. Otherwise, the person could not survive.

On the other hand, blood can not be created. A technique is yet to be invented, by which blood can be created outside the human body. This means, if a person is requiring blood, he or she can’t buy blood as it is not available in the market. The only thing a person can do to get the blood is by arranging. If a person is willing to give blood to a person, then only the person could get the blood, otherwise not.

 This is why, if you get any chance to save a person’s life by donating blood then you should do this. In fact, you should feel privileged that you are getting a chance to save a person’s life. Most of the people fear to donate blood, because they think they will fall ill, if they donate blood. But this is a misconception. If you are donating blood, then there is no chance that you will fall ill. If you are donating a certain amount of blood to any person, then that amount of blood with be regenerated within hours of time and the good news is that the new produced blood is of better quality than what you just donated. So, your body will not feel the shortage of blood at all. In fact, your body will get some fresh blood. By donating blood you reduces the heart ailments, re-engergizes the elderly people, increased RBC, burns calories, fighting hemochromitosis.

However, there are some points of times, when you should not donate blood. If you have donate blood in recent past, then you should consult any physician before donating blood again. You should not donate blood, if you are ill. If you donate blood, when you are sick, then you may face bigger trouble. If you are suffering from any disease, which can be transmitted through blood, then you should not donate blood. If you do this, then the recipient person will also get affected with the disease, you are suffering from.

After donating blood, you can feel drowsy or sleepy. You may feel weakness for a very short period of time. This is why, you should in take some carbohydrate rich food after donating the blood. Apart from that, you should take some rest also. Another very important thing, you shouldn’t donate blood, without the supervision of any physician and at the time of donating the blood, you should make sure that the needle used is a new one. 



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