Yellow Tongue

Yellow tongue is the yellow coating on the tongue due to certain reasons. It is not harmful and is usually temporary. A normal and healthy tongue is usually of pink in color. But when the tongue becomes yellow, it indicates the sign of some problem like nutritional deficiencies. The problem can also indicate the poor hygiene condition of the mouth. It can also be due to some disease in some other part of the body.

The tongue is covered with hundreds of tiny bumps that are called as papillae. Sometimes, these tiny bumps become swollen and hide bacteria within them and this causes the tongue appears to be yellow and gradually it can cause the tongue to be black in color. Yellow tongue can be seen in healthy people as well. It is not a disease. The chances of the yellow discoloration of the tongue increases as the people become older. The yellow coating may range from light yellow to brown discoloration of the tongue. It can be seen mostly in the middle of the tongue and in some cases; it can cover the whole tongue too. The yellow coating can be thick or thin and moist or dry. Yellow tongue can be caused due to some infection in the mouth or inflammation. It can be due to gastrointestinal infection too. It can be due to some serious health problems too like certain problems associated with liver, kidney or heart. If it is because of some serious reason, then medical attention is required. Remember one thing that if you have yellow tongue problem, then do not clean it with tongue scrapers as it can mislead the doctor in diagnosing the problem. If you smoke then try to avoid it as this is the major reason behind the discoloration of the tongue and if you already have this problem, then smoking can make the problem worse. Dehydration is another reason which can cause the tongue to get a yellow coating.

Drink more and more of water. Keep sipping water in order to prevent this problem. Avoid the consumption of tea and coffee as caffeine plays an important role in discoloration of the tongue. Keep your mouth clean always. Rinse your mouth each time you something. Even if after these precautions and measures, you do not find any difference or improvement in the color of your tongue, then contact the doctor. He will be the only person who can diagnose the underlying cause and will prescribe you the medication to get rid of this problem.

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